Bouquet preservation services are offered in the Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs for wedding bouquets, graduations, recitals, baby showers, funerals, proms, etc. See Contact Page to inquire about preserving flowers from weddings, proms, recitals, engagements, funerals, etc.

What flower preservation frame styles do you offer?

Preservation and design services include choice of frame or shadow box available in various sizes. Clients have a choice of the following design styles:

  • 2” deep wooden shadow box with glass front meant to highlight dried flowers maintaining natural shape. Newlyweds can deliver bouquets, invitations, photos, swatches of dress fabric, groom’s boutonnieres, cuff links, etc to be preserved in a hanging shadowbox.
  • Reclaimed barn wood frame displaying pressed florals between two plexi-glass panels
  • Small black or gold toned herbiary frames in various shapes, including square, rectangle, or octagon, meant to highlight a small amount of flowers in a keepsake format

What is included in each floral preservation?

Flowers, and flat items such as invitation, and photo may be included in each unique pressed design.
Brides, graduates, and expecting parents, can choose to include fabric from wedding dress, boutonniere, or keepsake items like baby booties, hair pins, cap tassels, etc. to shadow boxes as well.

What is the ideal timeline to have flowers preserved?

As certain times of year are busier than others, especially during wedding season, it is best to book preservations in advance if possible. However, if there is availability, bouquets can often be scheduled to be preserved after the wedding or event has taken place.
Ideally, flowers should be delivered within 2 days of the wedding to ensure they are preserved at their freshest. For clients in the Philadelphia area, flowers can be dropped off to my location in Worcester, PA or picked up for an additional fee.

How are the flowers preserved?

For framed bouquet preservation, bridal flowers are pressed using a heat press system that locks in some but not all of the original color of the bride’s bouquet. It is important to note that this style is more vintage looking, and white flowers may turn out a antique yellow.

For shadow boxes, the bouquet is preserved in a silicate gel chamber, that retains the size and shape of the flowers, as well as most of the original color. With both methods, the flowers are then coated with a protective spray to further preserve the life of your bouquet.